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Visual Basic


I have written a number of GUI, web and console applications in Java, C and C++ over the past few years. However, I did not write them to a standard where I would be comfortable releasing them publically. I will try and revisit them over the next few months and bring them up to standard (it's currently August 2005).I have also written many useful scripts that can be easily changed to perform similar tasks. As I rediscover these and write more, I will also add them here.

Websites (dynamic and static)

Site Description


24Seven Medical and Recruitment Services LTD   
Saint Mary's Primary School  
Etrade Botswana  
Lethamo Academy (almost complete)  

C/C++ Projects

Name Description
Serial Channel This is project from our Real Time system course (CEng 455) at UVic. Our task was basically to develop a terminal driver receives characters through a serial channel from a keyboard. The terminal driver resides in an MBX860 board running MQX. April 2004
Matlab interface One can invoke Matlab from a user application written in C/C++. I researched on this functionality during my workterm with ISOT group.
Unix sockets This client sends data over the networt to a server application. The data is raw digital images captured by a camera, and are sent to a server for processing and.or storage.

Java projects

Name Description
Chat room This a simple java implemetation of a chat room. It makes use of sockets in java and encrytion methods such as Caeser cipher and RSA encryption.
Matlab interface One can invoke Matlab from a user application written in Java. I researched on this functionality during my workterm with ISOT group.

PrUDE (Precise UML Development Environment) platform is an integrated V&V environment for critical systems design, it combines a formal method (e.g. PVS) with an existing graphical object-oriented notation (e.g. UML) to produce precise specification to ultimately satisfy the system requirements

Appointment book This is a simple doctor booking system with a console interface and a java swing GUI. It uses files for data storage


Name Description
Player registration system This LAMP/WAMP (linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) project about "90%" done. It will allow our client to register players from different clubs playing on teams at different age groups; hence, build a centralized database for all the players around the country.
Logbook This is a PHP/SQL implementation of a log book. We had to keep log book of all the work we did during our internships/workterm for our undergraduate. I had to complete four internships in order to graduate.
E-commerce This is simple online bookstore designed to rival Amazon.
Classifieds Site Helped implement a LAMP based classifieds site called Etrade-Botswana
Web Interface to HEAT

Visual Basic

Name Description

IFESS is a state-of-the-art entertainment system. It provides passengers with many of the multimedia functions they have at home, but makes them available in the airplane’s remote environment. In-plane archives will include many new movie titles, as well aspre-recorded and streaming live radio. IFESS also allows passengers to browse the Internet and provides saved links to popular entertainment web sites.

IFESS will completely overhaul the way companies perform service coordination and tracking. Passengers will be able to select their meal right from their individual consoles. In addition to meals, they can also order in-plane movies and alcoholic beverages.

DSR Reports generator I developed this application for a major bank to help in the creation of reports needed for the payment of it Direct Sales Representatives (DSR). Theses DSR sell different kinds of loans to different kinds customers. The application takes in a database dump file, parses it, saves to data to an access database, then queries the database for the neccessary inforamation which is then written to an excel file..

Visual Studio .NET

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