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Related wrk Experience

Software Developed

  1. Built a three-tier E-commerce site using j2ee technology (EJBs, JSP, and servlets), IBM’s DB2 database, and WebSphere application server.
  2. Designed and implemented a deadline driven scheduler on MQX (real-time operating system) running on a MBX860 board. User task can access the scheduler through its API to request to be scheduled or deleted. The task with the earliest deadline is given the highest priority. This ensures 100% utilization of the processor
  3. Designed and implemented a terminal driver for MQX running on a MBX860 board. The driver allows user tasks to read what is typed on terminal (readers) and also to send characters (writer) to the terminal. Also a user can do some simple line editing like deleting a whole line or word.
  4. Implemented a chat server in Java as part of group project for our operating system course. Security is implemented with the use of a caeser cipher for encrypting messages between users in a chat zoom whereas login security in implemented using the RSA encryption and decryption methods.
  5. Designed and built a human resource website using PHP and MySQL database. Users could add new employees, rank employees, add new posts, add applicants, and short list applicants for a post.
  6. Developed IFESS (In Flight Entertainment Service System), a software system to allow flight passenger to order food, watch movies and surf the internet from their seats using a touch screen.

I have also as part of my degree, completed courses in computer networks, software architecture, database management systems, professional presentations, embedded systems, engineering law, distributed systems, real time computer systems, object oriented Analysis and Design, telecommunications, operating systems, and software development.

Team Work and projects

Most of the university projects were done in teams. I had an architect and development roles. Some
projects include:
  1. Deadline driven scheduler.
  2. FESS (Flight Entertainment Service System).
  3. J2EE E-commerce site.


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